About me

I am a native New Yorker and very proud to call this city my own. I see the world through my own unique artistic lens that is translated visually into my work. After graduating the High School of Art and Design, I received a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts. Additionally I spent 16 years in the Advertising Industry before going to Dowling College to receive a Masters degree in Art Education. I am currently teaching in Eastern Suffolk County on Long Island.

My art is as diverse as my many interests. I work in a variety of mediums and styles including: cut paper, acrylic painting, plasma cut sculptures, mixed media, water color, pen and ink. From metal to snow, I utilize a range of materials across the sculptural spectrum. (When my kids were small, to their delight, I'd sculpt their meatloaf).

During the creation process of bringing my artistic vision to life, I become one with my art, existing in my special "happy" place.

Please scroll down on the shop page to see the wide variety of my original work that is also available as prints. Some can be personalized (the NYFD is a fan favorite).Thank you for checking out my work.

A note of acknowledgement to KT. I am eternally grateful that the student became the teacher. I couldn't have done it without you.

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